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Usage method of AXB pile hammer

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Usage method of AXB pile hammer

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(1) Usage method of AXB pile hammer:

1. After installing the pile hammer, the whole machine should be tested for operation. After the test of the excavator installation is completed,before starting work, replace and maintain the hydraulic oil and filter element of the excavator to ensure that the hydraulic system and components of the pile run smoothly. In order to protect the hydraulic system of the excavator itself, any oil with impurities will cause damage to the hydraulic system. As a result, malfunctions occur and the service life is shortened.

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2. Before starting work every day, take 10-15 minutes to warm up the excavator. The reason is that the excavator has been parked for a long time. The engine oil flows back into the lower oil pan, and the excavator starts at this time. The upper part lacks lubrication, and the oil will be sent to the pistons, rods, crankshafts and other components that need to be lubricated about 30 seconds after starting. In order to reduce the loss of each part, at the same time, you can check the tightness of the screw of each part of the pile hammer by warming the excavator at the same time, or use grease to ensure lubrication.

3. Piling must be conquering the unyielding with the yielding, and be patient on the hard pilling .Using the dredging way to piling. The first level take priority of secondary vibration, the faster the frequency of vibration be used, the wear will be more serious, the loss is also increased as well. Regardless of the use of primary or secondary vibration, when the piling progress is slow, pull the pile in time about 1m or 2m. Because the power of the pile hammer and excavator passes through the assistance of 1m or 2m, and at the same time, the pile can be pushed deeper into the ground.

4. When driving the pile, after driving the pile into the piling point, open the clamp hole after 5 seconds later, which will reduce the abrasion of pile hammer parts; when the pile hammer pedal switch is loosened in place, the pile hammer still has aftershocks due to inertia. In the clamped state, there is no gap in the connection of various components. Therefore, the wear and tear is relatively reduced. It is best to loosen the clamp when the pile hammer stops shaking.

5. The design of the rotary motor is to facilitate pile driving and pulling piling. When pile is driven into the ground ,the pile occur twist due to resistance or hard objects. It is strictly forbidden to forcibly operate the rotary motor to correct the pile position. Under the simultaneous action of resistance or torque and the vibrating machine, the load force exceeds the capacity of the rotary motor itself. If keep it for a long time, it will damage to the motor due to metal fatigue.

6. In the same way, when the pile driver rotates too far in the direction of rotation, the reverse operation will cause excessive force on the rotation motor. As a result, the motor and its related components will be damaged. Therefore, it is best to interval 1 to 2 seconds between the back and forth operation of the motor to avoid the load of the motor and connecting components caused by the positive and negative torque to shorten the service life.

7.The driver needs to pay attention to the abnormal condition of the equipment at all times while working, for example, any abnormality of the oil pipe. Drivers must always pay attention to the abnormal conditions of the equipment while working, such as: abnormal vibration of any fuel pipe; When you notice the condition that the equipment is abnormally high temperature or sound loudly, you need to stop immediately to detect the problem. Careful attention can often avoid equipment failure and damage.



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