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AXB-the piling forms of vibro pile hammer

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AXB-the piling forms of vibro pile hammer

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      Traditional piling way is to strike continuously by manual force. Now with the development of the times, mechanical equipments are more and more perfect ,vibro pile hammer is widely used under construction. AXB vibro pile hammer, the structure is simple, operation is convenient, functionality is strong, design is modern. By setting screw drill, hammer, axostylus, and other parts' mutual cooperation, the piling can be put into ground easier. By drilling first, and then piling, which can not only improve the uprightness of piling greatly, but also can improve the efficiency.


      Although vibro pile hammer is very popular, many people still do not know much about it. It is necessary to choose appropriate ways to pile based on the piling quantity and the status of project.The following are the common piling forms in construction summarized by AXB Technology Co.,Ltd.

      1. Piling one by one: Piling from the corner of the boards step by step until the end of project. This method is simple and fast, but easy to make the steel pile tilt to one side. This method is applicable to the situation where the requirements of piling are not high.

      2. Screen type: Insert 10-20 steel piles into the frame in a row, in the shape of a screen, and then hit them in batches. This method can reduce the accumulation of tilt error, and ensure the quality of construction. However, due to the high standing height of piling, the stability and construction safety of piling should be paid attention to.

      3. Staggered type: In this way, the linearity of pile can be improved and the inclination problem can be avoided. This method is suitable for hard soil. 

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