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AXB-preparation for construction of vibro pile hammer

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AXB-preparation for construction of vibro pile hammer

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       Infrastructure construction is an important stage of construction, road and other engineering projects. The use of vibro pile hammer can work normally in the effective space of the building. The safe, reliable and simple operation provides quality assurance for foundation design and construction, also can accelerate the construction progress and reduce the project investment on this basis. 

       Mechanical construction should not only consider the factors affecting mechanical properties, but also consider the impact of the use of machinery on the surrounding environment. In order to ensure the construction safety and speed up the construction process, relevant arrangements should be made for the construction environment before the operation with the vibro pile hammer. The following is the preparation work summarzed by AXB Technology Co.,Ltd.

       1. Lay out the line accurately according to the construction drawing, set out the central axis of the piling position and diameter, and review the technique carefully. Relevant departments need to go through the procedures, then the project can be started.

       2. Before piling, the supervisor should retest the positioning axis of each pile to meet the requirements before it becomes a hole or static pressure. After the hole is formed, check the axis of the hole. Once the construction is done, the axis deviation and elevation of each pile should be measured on the basis of self-test. If the deviation exceeds the allowable deviation, the pile should be submitted for design. 

       3. The location and stacking mode of the yard for entrance, materials and equipment 

       4. Construction of electricity, water, steam, roads, etc. If there is a slope in the cnstruction site, it should meet the requirements of stability. When working in the pit foundation and cofferdam, it should be equipped with adequate drainage equipment.

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