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AXB-the common problems in hydrulic cylinder of vibro pile hammer

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AXB-the common problems in hydrulic cylinder of vibro pile hammer

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      Hydraulic cylinder plays an important role in the hydraulic system of vibro pile hammer. The normal work of hydraulic cylinder is the guarantee of vibro pile hammer. Therefore, we can not ignore the state of the hydraulic cylinder in the maintenance and repair of the equipment. The following are some common problems in hydraulic cylinder of the vibro pile hammer shared by AXB Technology Co.,Ltd.


      1.The internal shrinkage of the hydraulic cylinder causes the piston to slide or wriggle. Due to internal parts installation is not correct, or the installation position is not appropriate, which is easy to cause deformation, wear,dislocation of the parts. Because of growing resistance, the cylinder piston speed and direction is not unified, the piston easy to slip or slide. The main reason for this phenomenon is the quality of the parts become worse gradually. In addition,  there are some sintered scars or iron scraps on the outer surface, which increase the resistance deceleration. In order to solve this problem, we need to repair or adjust again, to replace damaged parts, and to remove iron scraps timely.

      2. Poor lubrication, because the piston or cylinder, rail and piston rod all have relative movement. The poor lubrication will increase the wear of oil cylinder, and decrease the linearity of the cylinder. When the cylinder is working, the frictional resistance will be large or small, resulting in slippage or creep. The maintenance method is to repair/grind the hydraulic cylinder,well prepare piston as per requirements, repair/grind the piston rod and replace the guide sleeve.

      3. The air in hydraulic cylinder/pump, air compression will cause expansion, and the piston will slip. The way to overhaul is to check hydraulic pump, set up special exhaust device,and exhause according to relative requirements.

      The above are the common problems summarized by AXB Technology Co.,Ltd. Welcome to click AXB website   to view more product information.



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