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AXB-different kinds of vibro pile hammer

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AXB-different kinds of vibro pile hammer

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      Vibro pile hammer--one of the indispensable machinery for public infrastructure and building construction, which uses the impact force to insert the pile into ground. It can be classified into five types as per power source, the following is shared by AXB Technology Co.,Ltd.

1. Drop hammer pile driver

It is working by gravity, to lift the heavy objects and drive the pile into the ground along the free-falling direction, which is also the original working principle. 

2. Ram steam pile driver

Driven by compressed air and steam, the compressed air makes the hammer head rise while working, and then the air pressure is also used to make the hammer head fall and hit the pile. The up and down speed of the ram steam pile driver  is very fast and the frequency is very high. When the pile is hit into the ground, it will vibrate. In this way, the friction will be reduced between the pile and ground.

3. Diesel hammer pile driver

Using atomized diesel oil subjects to high temperature or high pressure, the explosion generates huge impact force to make the hammer head rise, and then fall down to carry out the following work.

4. Hydraulic vibro pile driver

It is also powered by diesel oil, a new kind of pile driver, which can adjust pressure according to different soil to appropriate impact. Its energy transfer efficiency can reach 70%-90%, which is higher than above three kinds of vibro pile hammers. It can save a lot of energy, is widel used by many construction teams now. Welcome to click AXB website to view more vibro pile hammer information.

5. Spiral hammer pile driver

The spiral hammer pile driver is a kind of equipment which drives the rod bit into the hole of the underground drilling machine through the power head. It can be divided into two parts: the pile frame and the drilling part.



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