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AXB-load measurement of hydraulic hammer

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AXB-load measurement of hydraulic hammer

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       The load of hydraulic hammer will not only affect the crushing effect and energy consumption, but also affect the normal operation, so the load should be detected timely.  

       In the case of multi-stage crushing, we only detect the load of the end part. As usual in a closed circuit system, the material amount includes the previous crushing section and the cyclic load. The main methods of load measurement shared by AXB Technology Co.,Ltd are as follows:

       1. Test the amperage of the motor

       2. Use material position meter to know its load

       3. Calculate the circulating load of crushing and screening closed-circuit system 

       4. Use a belt scale to weight the pileline of hammer to know its load

       To sum up, the first two methods reflect the size of instantaneous load of the hammer directly, which is convenient for detection and easy for timely adjustment. An automatic control system can be formed by the automatic adjustment device.  The third method can not reflect the load in the hammer cavity directly, but also has some advantages of the first two methods, it needs to increase the setting of concentrator; when the conveying material granularity is too large, the weighing accuracy of all kinds of belt scales is low, so it is rarely used. Therefore, the third method can only reflect the average load of the hammer in a period of time, can not adjust timely.

       The above are some common load measurement methods shared by AXB. We hope they can be helpful to you. If you would like to know more information, pls call us or visit our website directly.



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