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AXB-the cause of the stalling of vibro pile hammer

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AXB-the cause of the stalling of vibro pile hammer

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       The failure of the parts of the pile driver will cause bad operation, or even flameout. In addition, the operating technique and the maintenance may also affect the use of the machine, resulting in engine failure. Pls see below shared by AXB Technology Co.,Ltd.

       1. Insufficient oil supply. As in construction, we need to control the speed of pile driver by reducing or increasing oil at the right time. Such control is mainly by revolving speed and the pressure of hydraulic system to control the power of hydraulic system. The whole is a precess of energy conversion, if you step on the gas but fail to improve the working efficiency of the pile driver, or also fail to increase the movement speed of rack. In such case, the ability of diesel engine fails to achieve the effect of transformation.The machine is in a state of pressure backlog, which can cause it to fail.

       2. Not adjusted oil supply angel. Oil supply angle is to work according to activity rules of the piston cylinder, if the angle is not adjusted well, which also will lead to flameout. Another is idling speed too small, in this case it is easier to shut down.

       3. Improper operation. Such as insufficient oil supply in the ramp, the brakes too quickly, ignition switch turns to start when the car is in the gear, etc., improper operation is not good for some parts. So it is necessary to master the operation skills of pile driver, Before operation, the operators must understand the machine,and receive professional training.

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