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AXB-the importance of vibro pile hammer protection in rainy season

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AXB-the importance of vibro pile hammer protection in rainy season

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       Generally speaking, when vibro pile hammers are working at outdoors, in rainy season the moisture increases, the temperature also goes up. The merchanical property is undoubtedly a challenge under such environment. Although the overall structure of the machine is made of high-quality steel, rusting is still a common phenomenon that vibro pile hammers have to be protected during the rainy season. The following are some protection methods summarized by AXB Technology Co.,Ltd. 


       First of all, we should take care of the cleanliness. After working in rainy day, the chassis of vibro pile hammer must be cleaned, the part close to the ground is also the place easier to rust. If the maintenance is not in place, which can appear the phenomenon of loose perforation. We need to maintain necessary part to prevent rust, and to check the screws are loose or not, if loose need to be maintained timely. If we find seeper in machine,we need to clean away it timely as rusting will affect the spirituality of the machine.

       The downside pore space of the vibro pile hammer will accumulate a lot of sludge, which will easy to rust. The acidic component of rainwater will corrode the paint of the vibro pile hammer, after long time corrosion, which can greatly  shorten the service life of pile driver. Especially in the rainy season, we need to do a thorough paint repair, wax or seal glair to well protect the frame of pile driver.

       Moistureproof in rainy season is an essential preparation, vibro pile hammer often have poor ignition in cloudy and rainy days, the reason is electricity leakage caused by inadequate protective measures of ignition system, resulting in ignition abnormalities or poor performance of engine. So please do not put vibro pile hammer in excessive damp environment, it should be stored indoor. When vibro pile hammer is parked for a long time, the machine should be started and exercised once a month to charge the battery. And the grease on the piston rod should be dried and each part should be filled with grease.

       The above are some small tips shard by AXB Technology Co.,Ltd. Welcome to click AXB website for more information. 



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