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AXB-the cause of oil leakage of large hydraulic hammers

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AXB-the cause of oil leakage of large hydraulic hammers

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      It is well known that large hydraulic hammers are powered by pressure oil provided by the pumping station of excavators or loaders, which can be used to clear the soil from floating stones and cracks in the rocks. The principle of selecting large hydraulic hammer is to choose suitable one according to the types of excavator and the working environments. The hydraulic hammer can help us to finish the work after the return-stroke brake driving motion and stroke accelerated movement. The hydraulic hammer sometimes will leak oil, what is the reason for this? AXB Technology Co.,Ltd will introduce the cause of oil leakage of large hydraulic hammer specifically. 


      If the oil ring of piston rod is enlarged, a few oil are tricked at each stroke. The main reason is the oil film of dust ring was scraped off, the type of dust ring need to be replaced. When in low pressure there is oil leakage, but in high pressure no leakage, the reason for this phenomenon is the poor surface roughness of assembly. As long as the surface roughness is properly improved, with a lower hardness of the seal, the problem will be solved. If leaking oil at low temperature and not leaking oil at high temperature, there are two reasons: the eccentricity is too big and the selection of seals.

      In addition, there is oil leakage between oil cylinder and front head, which usually is loose bolts and nuts. At this time, we need to re-tighten or replace O-ring. Valve and bolt cap, this leakage need to be overhauled, we need to re-install valve oil leakage. Under normal circumstances, some oil and rust-preventative oil will flow out during installation. If there is serious oil leakage between chisel and front head, the staff need to check the leakage is hydraulic oil or butter carefully, and then check the seal is damaged or not, if there is any damage,we need to replace the seal in time. After the overhaul between the main valve and the surface of oil cylinder,if the re-installed valve appears oil leakage again, we need to clean the oil and check whether the oil seal is damaged. Once the seal is damaged, we needs to replace the seal immediately.

      The above are the cause of oil leakage of hydraulic hammer summarized by AXB Technology Co.,Ltd. After the oil leakage occurs, we need to find out the reason and solve it carefully. Sincerely hope you can benefit from above content. Welcome to click AXB website for more information.



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