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AXB-the ways of shock absorption of vibro pile hammer in construction

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AXB-the ways of shock absorption of vibro pile hammer in construction

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       The vibro pile hammer will produce large or small vibration in construction. The vibration of pile driver comes from the work done by the mechanical control system and the external force, while the vibration generated by the external environment comes from the mechanical construction. 

       Vibro pile hammer transits the vibration force to the pile through its high frequency vibration which leads to the  soil structure around the pile driver changes and strength decreases. The liquefaction of the soil reduces the frictional resistance between the pile and soil. The finishing construction process by piling or pulling the pile with excavator. Work done by vibration provides high efficiency in construction, but at the same time, the excessive vibration force will also affect the equipment itself and the surrounding environment, which will cause unnecessary damage. So the good ways of shock absorption is needed.

       In general, the using effect of spring shock absorption is poor,about 15%~25% of the total energy will lose and may also cause damage to the related equipment. If using rubber damping, the pile drive maintains a certain amplitude, which is suitable for various types of soil and piling requirements. 

       Environment damping is necessary to the adjacent buildings or structures, as well as underground pipelines, we need to check the situation carefully, and do some shock absorption measures to avoid damage or accidents. For the dangerous building, we need to get the consent of relevant parties before demolishing, to ensure the safety of the construction and the person.

       Above are some tips for shock absorption shared by AXB Technology Co.,Ltd, welcome to click AXB website for more information.



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