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AXB-the common sense of vibro pile hammer in construction

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AXB-the common sense of vibro pile hammer in construction

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      AXB vibro pile hammer is widely used in cnstruction now. It is necessary to have a good command of knowledge in operation, which is not only benefit to construction effect, but also is an effective maintenance of vibro pile hammer . The following are some common sense summarized by AXB Technology Co., Ltd.


    1. Newly installed vibro pile hammer has run-in period. Within the first week after use, we need to change the gear oil after half a day or one day; then later we need to change oil once every 3 days, which means one week run-in period need to be changed the oil in 3 times. After run-in period the vibro pile hammer need to do regular maintenance as per working hours. In general, we need to change the oil after 200 working hours. The working hours can be increased or reduced properly, and at the same time magnet need to be cleaned also.

    2. When in operation, we have to be patient, especially for the difficult situation. During the pile is put into the marking postion, the wear and tear are also very large. When the process is slow, pull out the pile 1-2 meters timely. With this power, at the same time we can handle the pile into ground easier.

    3. When we handle the pile into tag pisition, counts for 5 seconds silently and then release dental plate, which can reduce the wear of some parts. 

    4. As the different kinds of lands ,some of the surface is loose, but maybe the deeper is hard. In addition, sometimes the core of pile is too long, there will be pressure when hit the core of pile. The deeper, the more pressure. So in a certain depth, we will hit the pile in a slow tempo. As a result, a pile will be handled in two ways, and the effect is better.

    Above are some common sense summarize by AXB Technology Co.,Ltd. Welcome to review more infomation by



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