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AXB300 Pile Driver

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AXB300 Pile Driver

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  • Date:2019/11/29
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AXB Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in the production of  hydraulic breakers and pile drivers, also known as pile hammers.

AXB300 hydraulic pile driver adopts advanced foreign technology skills, and uses high-quality core components and wear-resistant spare parts to create high-quality and high-performance hydraulic pile driver.

AXB pile-drivers is widely used in construction engineering, civil engineering, railway and highway construction, dam construction, reclamation and bridge engineering, etc. It can realize piling work in different strata, and can be used for piling steel pipes, steel plates, wood boards, building materials, etc. Improve the efficiency of piling operations, saving time and cost.


Main features of AXB 300 hydraulic pile drivers:

1. Suitable for excavator range from 24 to 30 ton

2. Faster and more powerful

3. Easy installation and operation

4. Easy maintenance and low maintenance cost

5. Excellent driving and extracting by high frequency vibration and powerful centrifugal force

6. Comfortable driving and extraction of sheet pile, H-pile and tube pile, etc

7. Using tested high quality anti-vibration rubber cushion, rigid and durability exceeds in strong vibration

Applicable to any soil layer; can be used for piling, pulling piles and underwater piling, and can also be used for pile work and suspension work.

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