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AXB Pile Driver Operating Procedures

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AXB Pile Driver Operating Procedures

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Hydraulic pile driver operating procedures

1. The operator must practice professionally to understand the construction, principle, operation and maintenance of the pile driver being operate ways to raise. And hold the operating certificate to operate.

2. The power plant, hydraulic device, electrical device, etc. configured for the pile driver shall be operated in accordance with its operating procedures.

3. After the installation is completed, the whole machine should be tested for operation. Before the operation, check whether the automatic pressure control switch of the clamp is normal.

4. The test, installation, disassemble, haulage, etc. of the pile driver shall be strictly implemented.

5. When encountering bad weather such as thunder, rain, snow, fog and winds above grade 6, the operation should be stopped. When the wind speed exceeds seven grades or there is a strong typhoon warning, the pile driver should be parked in the wind direction, the pile pipe should be submerged below 3 meters in the soil or the vibrating hammer should be placed on the ground, and a windproof cable should be added. The rack should be lowered if necessary. The pile driver must take lightning protection measures. When lightning strikes, personnel must be away from the pile driver.

6. First run keep empty before the operation, and work after the components are determined to be in normal condition.

7. If the clamp is used, the pile clamp should be clamped before work, and the pile should not be loosened during operation. When it stop work, the vibration of the vibratory hammer must be stopped first, then the clamp is released.

8. When installing the vibratory pile hammer, the vibrating hammer must be transported to within 2 mm directly in front of the pile frame.

9. When the pile driver walks, turns, and align the operating point, it must be directed. When the pile driver is working, the non-workers should stand 20 meters away, and strictly forbidden to stand under the excavator arm.

10. The pile move and brake should be slow and the continuous running in the same direction should be less than one round.

11. Lift the vibrating pile hammer, hanging pile, walking and turning, etc. It is strictly forbidden to carry out two or more actions at the same time. 12. During the working, keep the perpendicularity of the pile. If the underground obstacle is inclined, the pile should be pulled up and then re-inserted.

13. The operator without permission don't leave your jobs..

14. When following situation occur during the operation,it should immediately stop and maintain, ①The parts on pile will fall off. ②The vibration hammer motor fastening bolt is loose, the guiding device is loose, there is impact sound in the vibration exciter, the bearing temperature rise is too high, and the vibration hammer and the pile or other device connection bolt are loose. ③Electrical device and hydraulic device have failed.

15. If the vibration beam vibration beam amplitude is too large for a long time, stop the machine to find out the cause.

16. The perpendicularity of the pile should be corrected in time when sinking. After the pile has entered the soil for 3m, it is strictly forbidden to use the pile machine to walk or turn to correct the perpendicularity of the pile.

17. It is not allowed to adjust pile left and right, only adjust before and after.

18. When the operation stops every day, the pile pipe should be submerged below the soil, or the vibrating hammer should be placed on the ground, and the power supply of the pile driver should be cut off to make all the brakes effective. When the machine is stopped for a long time, the pile machine should be parked in a solid and flat condition on the ground, the vibratory hammer must fall off the mat and take measures against rain.



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