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AXB-the different type of chisel

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AXB-the different type of chisel

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From the form of processing, chisel can be classified into: moil type, wedge type, blunt type and cone type chisel.

1. Moil Type Chisel: It is a common type on the market, with strong penetrating power to break objects foucsing on one point. Which can provide a very marvelous penetration, even hard and difficult objects can be broken easily,such as solid rocks, concretes, etc.

2. Wedge Type Chisel: The working principle is same as moil type, it also provides a good penetration when through point. However, due to the flat design, it is more wear-resisting and more suitable for some solid objects, like solid rocks, concreting in lifts, etc. 

3. Blunt Type Chisel: It is generlly used for secondary crushing. Secondary crushing means to crush a broken object or an object of medium hardness. Because of the flat design, the energy provided by a large surface. For moil type and wedge type, the abrasion part is almost at the end of chisel, but for blunt type is only length. 

4. Moil Cone Type Chisel: It is general used for large hydraulic breakers (BRK175 and above models). Moil cone type is suitable for mining, especially for viscous mixed ores. The cone design is easy for exhaustig gases from the head of chisel, in order to break the ore easier.

5. Round Cone Type Chisel: This type is similar to moil cone type chisel, no big difference. No matter which chisel is selected, the key is to have a good hydraulic breaker. 




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