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AXB Breakage of Tool

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AXB Breakage of Tool

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AXB Breakage of Tool

The service life of various tools depends on the manner of handing them. The tool can sufficiently with stand the vertically acting load, but it is weak to the perpendicularly acting load. Especially, the tool is affected by the negative conditions, such as, force by craning operation, tilted blowing, wrenching, idle strokes, etc. its service life become shorter. There are several ways of breakage of tool. Each cause of breakage can be inferred by observing breakage sections. 

Further the breakage case which is not caused by low-quality materials or insufficient heat-treatment but by wrong way of handling, which the manufacturer is not responsible for the breakage. (See below figure) The breakage section has the origin on the outer surface, a narrow area of fatigue breakage and a wide area of rough grey area and final breakage part has the share-lip form. Such an undulation on the breakage section and its inclination to the right and left witness that the breakage is caused by excessive force which exceeds the toughness of the tool. Such a breakage is supposed to occur owing to careless handling of the tool. To avoid such a breakage, more carefulness and attention are required in handling the breaker.

AXB Breakage of Tool



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