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AXB Hydraulic Breaker Safety Precautions

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AXB Hydraulic Breaker Safety Precautions

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The General Safety precautions of AXB hydraulic breakers are as following:

The AXB hydraulic Breakers will provide safe and dependable service if operated in accordance with the instructions given in this manual. Read and understand the manual any decals and tags attached to the breaker before operation. Failure to do so could result in personal injury or equipment damage.

Operate the breaker in accordance with all laws and regulations which affect you, your

equipment and the work site.

Do not operate the breaker until you have read the carrier equipment manual and thoroughly understand all safety requirement, operation and maintenance instructions.

Ensure that all maintenance procedures recommended in this manual are completed before using the equipment.

Tips for Safety precautions :

1)The operator must not operate the breaker or carrier if any people are found within the danger zone where they may be injured by flying debris or movement of the equipment.

2)Know the limitation of your equipment.

3)Establish a training program for all operators to ensure safe operation.

4)Do not operate the breaker unless thoroughly trained or under the supervision of an instructor.

5)Get used to used to the carrier controls before operating the carrier and the breaker.

6)While learning about the breaker and the carrier, please do so at a slow pace. If necessary set the carrier mode selector to the slow working position.

7)Make sure all control (levers and pedals) are in the neutral position before starting the carrier.

8)Before leaving the carrier, always lower the boom and insure the carrier is stable. Never leave the machine when the engine is running. Always engage the parking breaker locked.

9)Stop the engine before attempting to make any repairs, adjustments, or servicing to either the carrier or the breaker.

10)Do not operate the breaker at oil temperature above 175 ° F/80 ° C, Operation at higher temperatures can damage the internal components of the breaker and as well as backhoe/ excavator, and will result in low breaker performance.

11)Do not operate the breaker at in the severe conditions, such as, a damage, leaking, improperly adjusted, or incompletely assembled breaker.

12)Do not modify breaker tool in any manner.

13)Use only breaker Use the Breaker tools manufactured by AXB only. Using the breaker tool produced by another manufacturer may damage the equipment and will void the warranty.

14)To avoid personal injury or equipment damage, all breaker repair, maintenance and service must only be performed by authorized and properly trained personnel.

15)If you do not understand how to operate your breaker contact an authorized AXB dealer for assistance.

16)Do not operate this equipment if you are taking medication which may affect you mental judgment or physical performance.



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